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Advance from computer chaos to network efficiency with ProCare Support from S4 Solutions.  ProCare Network productivity support is the pro-active support solution designed to help you maximize your return-on-technology investment and keep you focused on running your business. Whether you have one server or one hundred - ProCare is a comprehensive approach to establishing and maintaining a reliable, optimized consistent network system throughout your small business or distributed enterprise.

Single Source Support for the networked office
S4 Solutions specializes in:

bulletNetwork integration, installation and support
bulletE-mail and fax solutions
bulletNetwork Security
bulletRemote AccessProCare
bulletWeb site development

ProCare Support Services
On scheduled weekly or monthly visits our network engineer spends quality time with your network and people. Our goal is to optimize network performance by performing the following tasks:

bulletLoad newest operating system updates
bulletVerify your virus protection software has the most current virus signature files.
bulletVerify that your tape backup systems are actually working to protect you.
bulletHelp your people with "how to" productivity issues.
bulletMonitor and report on your network capacity and usage trends.
bulletMaintain your system inventory so you know exactly all the devices and software on your network and their serial numbers (requires purchase of a one-time S4 System Audit).
bulletMaintain your system security as a backup system administrator.  You will have security continuity if you lose your in-house administrator.
bulletConsult and advise you on the use of technology to help your business.
bulletVerify software licensing against application usage.  Plan for future growth.
bulletReview system logs and error reports from your network software.


Call S4 Solutions for information on ProCare Services and other flexible service plans.


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