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Welcome to MediCollect®, a division of S4 Solutions, Inc.  MediCollect Software is a comprehensive healthcare collections solution designed with the built-in flexibility of handling clients that is limited only by your imagination.

Medicollect is a feature-rich software application that provides the tools you need to manage all aspects of healthcare collections. Our customized Healthcare Collections product is turn-key and includes the MediCollect software application, coupled with a comprehensive ongoing support program. 

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bullet Data Entry
bullet Easy data entry throughout the collection process.
bullet MediCollect Software® streamlines data entry and provides fast, easy access to reports or on-line inquiries.
bullet Handles paper and paperless data entry including electronic and paper based transfers.
bullet Clear prompts, drop down windows and on-line help take the guesswork out of using the software.
bullet Multi-tasking allows access to many functions at one time. Data can be exported to other programs such as Excel, Word, Access, E-mail and Fax.
bullet User-friendly software facilitates our comprehensive training program.
bullet Integrated Security
bullet MediCollect provides the level of security and control required for every department and function.
bullet Extensive controls permit only valid data to be entered into your system.
bullet MediCollect tracks the source of every piece of data that is entered or changed.
bullet Multi-System 
bullet MediCollect operates on computers from PC's to servers.
bullet Relational Database (RDBMS)
bullet Designed with the user in mind, MediCollect's relational database makes it easy to change existing programs or add new ones without the programming time and expense required by other systems.
bullet Rapid data retrieval, combined with extensive cross-referencing capabilities, allows collectors to file and sort by name, insurance companies, providers, etc.
bullet Data Warehousing
bullet The MediCollect Knowledge Base allows documents to be researched effortlessly under almost unlimited inquiry criteria. 
bullet Data can be easily extracted and analyzed to provide up-to-date information.
bullet Report Generator
bullet MedicCollect includes a report generator that lets you get the information you need in the format you need.              
bullet User Activity
bullet History Entries Made by Each User
bullet New Files Audit Report
bullet Work Distribution Report
bullet Corresponding Attorney Performance Report
bullet New Placement Volume Report - By client or law list
bullet Fee Summary Report - By client, county, work-by and category
bullet Debtor File Report - By file number, name, client, work-by or creditor
bullet Customized Reporting i.e.:  "Generate a report of claims handled by collector #4 that were referred by a client from 2/1/01 to 6/30/01 that exceed $500.00 and with no activity having occurred by the client in the last thirty days".
bullet Client Status/Statistical Reports - Satisfy all of your clients' requests with a wide variety of status and statistical reports.
bullet Individual or Group Acknowledgments of Placement
bullet Individual or Group Closing Notifications
bullet Last Action Summary Report By Client
bullet Standard Report Formats or Customize Your Own
bullet Statistical Analysis Based on Principal or Total Balance
bullet Inventory Report
bullet Placement and Recovery Over Time Report
bullet Collection Vintage Report
bullet Client Cost Analysis Report
bullet Debtor File Listing By Client - detail, summary or customize your own.
bullet Firm Defined Reports
bullet File Information or Detail Report - report that lists non-statistical information about your files
bullet Statistical Ranking Report - statistical report used by firm management to rank information such as fees earned, claims placed, etc.
bullet Placement and Recovery Analysis - report that recaps claims placed and tracks your recovery rates for those placements.
bullet Contact Management
bullet MediCollect provides complete flexibility in managing clients and customers.
bullet Calendaring in accordance with user-defined criteria
bullet Account follow up
bullet Track debtor communications, notices, telephone contacts
bullet Insurance Claims Management
bullet Liability
bullet PIP
bullet UB92
bullet HCFA1500
bullet HIPAA Compliance
bullet Claims may be calendared by insurance company or location
bullet Follow up can be directed to specific payers by company or location
bullet Follow up by payer
bullet Follow up by claim type:
-Workers Compensation
Liability Claims
-Personal Injury Protection
-Third Party
bullet Forms Management
bullet Create your own forms and letters
bullet Paperless Office
bullet Document Imaging - quickly scan, store and locate electronic documents or images at anytime.
bullet Eliminate the need for collectors to retrieve hardcopy files stored in filing cabinets.
bullet Scan and review  on screen with the click of a button correspondence from debtors, client contracts, invoices and documents, images or credit reports
bullet Convert credit reports to electronic images
bullet Desktop Faxing from within program
bullet Accounting
bullet Built-in Trust Accounting Reconciliation
bullet Virtually Unlimited Number of Client Trust Accounts
bullet Cost Advance Accounts
bullet Trust Account Ledger Reports and Bank Reconciliation Programs
bullet Daily Cash Receipts and/or Disbursement Journal
bullet Fee Arrangements - Automatically and accurately apply fee arrangements by forwarder or file and change fee arrangements when you file suit or hire a corresponding attorney.
bullet Contingency Fee Rates
bullet Bracketed Rates
bullet Fixed Amount Per Debtor File
bullet Fixed Amount for Specific Actions such as Demand Letters, Suits, etc.
bullet Sliding Scale Rates
bullet Contingent and Non-contingent suit fee calculation, including recovery of additional suit fees
bullet Court Cost Invoicing - Work efficiently by having the system create cost checks to clerks, sheriffs, etc. Checks can accompany court documents or be generated on demand.
bullet Group or individual court cost statements
bullet Minimums for both court cost invoices and refunds
bullet Detailed cost history or summary only
bullet Bill all files or only those ready to close
bullet Formats for both letterhead and plain paper
bullet Include or exclude creditor name on the invoice.
bullet Remittance Options
bullet Single or group checks
bullet Gross or net remittance
bullet Deduct direct payment fees or create invoices
bullet Deduct/Refund court costs or create invoices/refund checks
bullet Display details of costs or total amount only
bullet Options to display debtor balance on statement
bullet Display debtor name or alternate/patient name on statement
bullet Set minimum remittance amount
bullet Option to consolidate multiple branches for a client to one check
bullet Option to display payment allocation
bullet Sort direct payments with other payment or separately
bullet Sort statements by debtor name, file number or client's reference number.
bullet Legal
bullet Malpractice Protection
bullet Calendaring System
bullet Conversion
bullet Integration with your network
bullet Convenient installation scheduling
bullet Comprehensive training
bullet On-going support
bullet Customization
bullet S4 has a proven track record for customizing software to meet the needs of our customers.
bullet Modular design minimizes the costs associated with custom applications.
bullet Industry specialists will work closely with you and your staff to design a collections package according to your business rules and processes.


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