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ImageMasterô Professional is the affordable document management system designed for small to mid-size companies, healthcare facilities and legal practices.  ImageMasterô Professional creates, stores, indexes and retrieves electronic documents, making once inaccessible business information available throughout your entire organization.  ImageMaster's unique interface is easy to use; its multi-platform design allows it to operate with your existing computer systems providing instantaneous access to vast amounts of information.  

Paper Documents
ImageMasterô Professional supports hundreds of scanners from dozens of manufacturers using the TWAIN, SCSI, ISIS and Kofax interfaces.  The built-in scanning module allows direct importation of paper documents of virtually any size into the ImageMasterô database, at any time, even while the system is being used by other people.  The high powered scanning engine supports all classes of scanners from 2 pages-per-minute desktop models to 120 page-per-minute double-sided workhorses, all at full rated speed!  This makes ImageMasterô ideal as a front-end to other document management products.

Indexing Images
ImageMasterô Professional uses the industry standard xBase database format to store indexing information, and for speed and flexibility it takes advantage of the Rushmore technology present in Microsoft Foxpro.  ImageMasterô Professional has a unique completely definable indexing structure, which allows ImageMaster to integrate with foreign databases easily and allows it to serve as a front end for other document management products and workflow solutions.  In addition to the easy-to-use single step indexing feature,  ImageMaster's advanced scanning module allows automatic recognition of bar codes, patch codes and auto-repeating fields.  The optional production scanning extension allows defined indexing and intelligent indexing capabilities.

Document Retrieval
ImageMasterô Professional employs a unique user interface that is easy to use and extremely powerful.  Advanced indexing and search tool allow prompts to appear along with specific descriptive text, The data entry screens contain only the prompts necessary for a particular dataset.  ImageMasterô is completely customizable, on the fly, without programming.  The search engine can find matching documents containing specific text.  The simple yet powerful user interface does not utilize any confusing pull down menus and is completely consistent between platforms. 


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